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Sean Safahi April 16, 2013 Tips & Tricks for using your card



Before you can use your card, there are a few things we need to do first:

  1. Register your card and verify your information online atwww.CardExOnline.com or by calling 888-738-1772.
  2. Sign the back of the card.
  3. Use your card to shop worldwide where MasterCard® is accepted!

Here are a few helpful tips about your card:


1. Activation: Prior to using your card be sure to verify and activate it either by calling 888-738-1772 or by going online to www.CardExOnline.com. The monthly fee is charged to your card when the card is issued so be sure to register it immediately so you can avoid getting charged the monthly fee when you are not using your card!

2. Credit or Debit? Always run your card under the Credit Option. Non-reloadable cards are not assigned a PIN and cannot be swiped as a debit or used to obtain cash at an ATM or through a merchant.

3. Purchases over the remaining card balance: When making a purchase over the value of your card balance, pay the difference between your balance and the total amount first then run the remaining amount on your card under the Credit option.

4. Using your card at the pump:  Always pay the gas station attendant inside as your card may be declined when you try to pay at the pump.

5. Restaurants/Hotels/Car Rentals:  Be aware that these merchants may authorize your card initially for an amount greater than your original transaction which can cause your card to be declined.

6.  Online Purchases: Be sure to register your card via www.cardexonline.com, prior to using the card for online transactions. This will ensure your transactions are not declined due to an incorrect billing address.

7.  Lost or Stolen: If your card is lost or stolen call 1.888.738.1772 to request a new card.